Am I Pregnant? I Think My Period is 10 Days Late

Women experience late periods for different factors. Nonetheless, if a person were to inform you, “My period is 10 days late,” the evident thought that comes to mind is the opportunity of pregnancy.

However, there are numerous various other opportunities for a late duration. Understanding these feasible reasons could reduce anxiety over late periods considering that worrying over a late period could postpone it also further.

If you are wanting to conceive, you may be anxious to check for verification when your period does not occur when expected. Nevertheless, there are other situations of being 10 days late for a period with an adverse maternity examination, which direct out that a late duration is not constantly a sure indicator of pregnancy.

Reasons for a 10 Days Late Period

There are various factors that create late period in ladies, and some of them can be long-term while others are momentary. Below are a few of the major causes that could influence the regularity of the menstrual cycle:


One of the noticeable sources of a late duration, and even an instance of a missed period, is pregnancy. Women who experience a postponed period of 10 or even more days need to take a maternity test to clear this possibility. By 10 -12 days past a missed out on duration, a lot of ladies bring sufficient h-GCG in the blood stream to evaluate favorable if they have, actually, developed.

Stress and anxiety

Although not realized by several ladies, stress plays an essential role with the hormonal agent degrees. If a person is excessively worried or has experienced psychological injury, there is a great chance for a postponed duration. So, if you were to tension over and maintain wondering why my duration is 10 days late, chances are that your anxiousness will postpone it also further.

Adjustments in Life

Our bodies function according to a biological rhythm, and if any kind of extreme adjustments in routine, climate, or way of life occur, these can throw your period cycle off its regular training course.


Certain contraceptives, such as hormone implants, subdue the launch of an egg and cause period delays or perhaps completely quit it throughout of the usage of the birth control technique.


If there are significant weight changes, this too can trigger a postponed duration. Women who are obese or undernourished experience uneven menstruations and need to look for help from a medical professional to fix this problem.


Women coming close to menopause will certainly experience peri-menopausal symptoms which trigger irregularities with the menstrual cycle.

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